Prajna Bhandary


I am a Computer Science Engineer with a dual Masters degree in E-Business and Innovation from Lancaster University in the UK and also an MS degree in IT Management from India. Hence I have a combination of IT and Management skills. I have been actively involved in my family business in India which is Real Estate and Hospitality Industry. This background in real estate and hospitality has taught me the true meaning of customer service. I am an extremely motivated “people person” who likes problem-solving. I was introduced to  ITEX when I was between careers and since then there is no looking back for me. Every day I wake up and I’m excited to go to work with a goal of helping my members grow their business. ITEX is a great tool for business owners and the more I learn about it the more I’m fascinated by its use which is limitless.I love working with people and ITEX gives me that opportunity to explore and help my members achieve their goals.When it comes to my members I’m extremely tenacious and I try to get the best to help them achieve their goals.Looking forward to the many exciting years with ITEX.